The activities of the CIBSHM's researchers rely on interdisciplinary dialogue between the academia and health professionals, writers, poets or filmmakers. We have organised several events closely linked to our teaching and research projects, but also open to the more general public. In the framework of the courses or workshops taught here at the CIBSHM, several sessions have been organised outside the University, notably at the Museum of the History of Science, at the Martin Bodmer Foundation in Cologny, the ICRC Archives, etc.



Collaborations with the martin bodmer foundation

The Centre collaborates with the Martin Bodmer Foundation on several projects. Since 2017, the CIBSHM has been organising public courses for its members and for students of the Faculty of Medicine at the Martin Bodmer Foundation Museum. Jacques Berchtold, guest professor at UNIGE and a member of the CIBSHM, has led several sessions, including recently on the history of ancient medicine and the occult sciences. The students who took part in this outstanding session were able to discover several rare manuscripts and prints showing medical texts by Paracelsus or very rare editions of Goethe's Faust.


From the bizarre to the monstrous

Cycle of four lectures by Prof. Patrick Dandrey (Paris-Sorbonne University)

The CIBSHM participated in the elaboration and launch of the first cycle of the "Bodmer Lab Residences". This programme of conferences and workshops aimed to disseminate to the general public research arried out around the ongoing digitisation of the Bodmer collection of rare books and manuscripts. The first series of lectures given by Professor Patrick Dandrey from the Sorbonne, dealt with the archaeology of the word bizarre  in the medical sciences as well as in literary, artistic or cinematographic discourses. The lectures are available on the UNIGE Media Server.


Invitation to Thomas Lilti

As part of the elective course "Doctors in Cinema" (org. Prof. Alexandre Wenger and Dr. Radu Suciu, spring semester 2017), the Centre welcomed physician and director Thomas Lilti. Director of critically acclaimed films and TV series (Hippocrates, Country Doctor, First Year), Thomas Lilti met with our UNIGE students for an enriching two hour worskhop. The students, who had previously viewed and discussed several of his works, prepared a series of questions on Thomas Lilti's career as well as on intertwining medical and cinematic choices he made in his works.


Lecture by richard barnett

Richard Barnett, writer and poet, former Engagement Fellow at the Wellcome Collection, London, gave a lecture on the medical history of London: Death by water. Cholera and Revolution in 19th Century London. Recording available on the UNIGE Media Server.


Planet health fair

 The CIBSHM collaborates with the Salon Planète Santé by organising events around the theme "cinema and health".